Top Producer Series: Donna Incorvaja

As residents of South Florida, we understand the true benefits of having a warm, year-round, climate. We know the power this livability factor has over buyers and sellers from all around the world. Donna Home Expert Team was established in 2012 following 8 years of full time hard work in the real estate industry in Florida. Donna and her team experienced a personal sales growth from 20 to 100 closed sales in 2015. Through every real estate cycle, they have always held the faith in the market and the beautiful Miami.

Donna Incorvaja is a dedicated and passionate leader of a hardworking team of top professionals with over 20 years of experience. Thanks to this formidable team they are currently amongst the top 10% of residential sales agents in Broward County. In 2012, Donna was awarded the designation of Certified Residential Specialist, which is the highest credential in the industry. She is also a Luxury Home Marketing Specialist.

Donna is proud to say that her team has encountered and overcome the obstacles of every real estate cycle. They have the ability to adapt quickly to our environment and with continuing education, they seek out the latest information in marketing strategies and tools. Her team is dedicated to staying on top of changing market conditions and they’re prepared to handle the special needs of their clients.

Can you think of a word/phrase that best describes your experience at RelatedISG Int’l Realty?

One of the biggest advantages of being part of RelatedISG Int’l Realty is their global presence which gives us international exposure. Our in-house marketing support is out of this world. The quality of the design the ideas the brochures, printing materials is beyond perfection. They love to see us grow and strive within and with the company and I truly feel part of a big happy family.

Do you believe in The Power of Relationships? Why? Describe in just a few words

Real estate is not just about showing houses or closing deals, it’s about establishing, growing, and maintaining relationships not only with your customers with all parties involved in any transaction and with the people you work with every day.

Relationships are built on trust, on honesty, respect, ethical communication and education. Once you earn that level you don’t need to ask for a referral, it will come to you.

What tips/advice would you give to other colleagues? 

  • Consistency is the key to our success.
  • Set realistic goals: short term goals, long term goals and make a plan to reach those goals. Most of my business comes from referrals, stay in touch with your customers through phone calls, visit them when you’re in the area, organize activities, send them cards and show them that you’re still there
  • Build a network of inspectors, lenders, insurance companies, title companies and contractors who have the same work ethic as you do and provide your customers the most seamless home buying or selling experience possible.