METRO CITIZEN – RelatedISG Announces New Commercial Division


RelatedISG International Realty along with ISG World are proud to announce the opening of their new Commercial Division, headed by commercial real estate expert Dirk Saecker.

The South Florida market is seeing new expansions including the renovation of Port Everglades and the Port of Miami as well as updates to the Fort Lauderdale Airport and to Miami International Airport. The tri-county area is also going to see a positive impact following the completed expansion of the Panama Canal. Statistics by LoopNet show prices are already up in South Florida for every sector of the commercial market, including multifamily, up 14.8 percent, and industrial, up 11.2 percent since last year.

Dirk Saecker

Saecker has over a decade of experience in the industry. Prior to real estate he had an established travel agency and hotel marketing firm, created when he moved to Miami from Germany in 1990. He then transitioned into the real estate field, specializing in commercial properties and investments.

“The trend in commercial real estate is if residential goes up, commercial is soon to follow and the market is reacting to that now,” said Saecker. “With this new division we’re aiming to satisfy the needs of our current agent base as well as open doors to experienced commercial agents to help meet the growing demand.”

“South Florida, considered a safe and steady environment by institutional investors, is seeing high occupancies and climbing rents,” said Alex Vidal, Managing Director of RelatedISG International Realty. “Dirk is someone who can lead a strong team to meet the rise in demand for commercial real estate in the area. He has an extensive background in the commercial and hospitality industry with a proven track record of sales, working with buyers from all over the world. We’re lucky to have him on board.”

RelatedISG International Realty represents the fusion of two real estate power houses, The Related Group and ISG World.  In 2011, this powerful merger came to fruition when Jorge Perez, Chairman and CEO of The Related Group and ISG principals Philip J. Spiegelman and Craig Studnicky came together to form this eminent general realty group. This new venture utilizes the stellar reputations and large networks of both brokerages to forge a commanding and influential sales force.

The partnership possesses a wide-ranging sphere of influence reaching into Latin America, Europe and Asia giving it a strong global presence in today’s market. ISG is represented by top producing agents and brokers representing the ultimate in market knowledge and expertise and is headed by Alex Vidal, Managing Director of Sales & Operations and a 17 year industry leader.

Growing quickly and now encompassing four offices across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Related ISG is an expanding leader in residential and developer sales and has come into the forefront of the development world as well. Related ISG International Realty offers a diversified, professional and expert real estate experience to both Buyer and Seller and are unmatched in today’s competitive market

Published July 2015 | Read Full Article