Private: Mauricio Oronzo

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Maurizio Oronzo was born in Caracas Venezuela and also lived in Italy until he moved to Miami in the early 90s. He has practiced sales for over three decades and became a real estate agent in 2003.

Shortly after beginning his residential real estate career, Maurizio opened his own mortgage company, which lasted until the banking industry collapsed. He then crossed over to Commercial Real Estate and found his calling in the specialization since.

As a sales professional for over 30 years, Maurizio has worked with a variety of clients including mom and pop shops, multi-national companies such as H.J.Heinz, Radisson Hotels, Gyu Kaku Restaurants and Grupo de Empresas Polar. He has taken care of their corporate space location leases and made sure their contracts and terms are favorable in a fair way to both sides of the transaction.

Maurizio is trilingual, speaking, English, Spanish and Italian fluently and went to law school in Venezuela. He is a father of a boy and girl who motivate him to become a better person in all walks of life. He was a professional guitar player in his late teen years through early twenties. Today, guitar playing is one of his favorite hobbies along with photography, a hobby he uses professionally as well.