Private: Kai Lin Chu


Kai-Lin Chu has been living in Florida since 1988 and studied industrial design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He is Chinese, born in Taiwan, and as the Asian demographic continues to grow in South Florida, Kai-Lin has increased his efforts to forge personal relationships with the high-end network in his home country.

Kai-Lin has several years of experience in sales, working on behalf of affluent clients from around the world. He specializes in the luxury real estate market and follows a philosophy of “bespoke venture” where each relationship he forms is a unique one and deserves its own personalized attention. Kai-Lin’s clients’ best interests are a priority for him.

Kai-Lin’s hobbies include a variety of activities including weight training, cardio, sports, biking, anything automotive, customizing cars etc. He feels Miami is a highly diverse cultural center with influences from around the world. It is a special place to live in. He believes that in Miami, you do not need to “fit in” to feel welcome, but instead you should stand out and be different, that’s the atmosphere that Miami promotes, there are so many different people here that anyone can feel right at home.