Private: Diego Rosero Calad


Diego Rosero Calad is originally from Colombia, but lived most of his life in Europe as a professional speed skater. He is the 7 x world champion for competitions such as the 2009 Professional World Inline Cup, Swiss Inline Cup and French Inline Cup.

In 2010, Diego moved to the tropical paradise of Miami and saw a good opportunity to invest in the real estate market.

“I began racing professionally when I was ten,” said Diego. “I was always good about saving the money I earned from competitions and I knew I wanted to invest my savings into something worthwhile.”

Diego retired from his racing profession at the age of 30 and settled down in a permanent residence in Miami. He now specializes in investment management, helping his clients build and expand their wealth portfolio.

Diego previously worked for Only Best Properties, Fortune International Realty and One World Properties prior to joining the team at RelatedISG.